2. The Ultimate World Football Manager Game - The Set Up Part 2


      Choosing The Nation & Choosing The Team


To choose the ten random countries I opened my web browser and went to the site https://random.country/ Random Country - Explore the World which is as the name suggests an online random country generator. This website is a beast and in the run up to Boxing Day had been testing this site to make sure that all countries in the world had an equal chance of being selected. I wasn’t disappointed as places that were not even recognised countries came up such as Guernsey and Northern Cyprus. The site even showed you where it was in the world and a little bit of information about it. I guess this site is perhaps used by travellers who cannot decide where to go on their next exciting expedition. I also think this site must not have been used much recently as travelling had just about come to a standstill in 2020.

I was to generate ten random countries by pressing the ‘next random country’ button on the site. It’s dead simple, have a go its fun! The first country that came was Hong Kong, followed by Namibia. The full ten countries are shown below in the order they came up in.


A full list of the random countries are shown as below:

1.     1. Hong Kong

2.     2.  Namibia

3.     3.  North Korea

4.     4.  The Maldives

5.     5.  Gibraltar

6.     6. Cambodia

7.     7.  Bolivia

8.     8.  El Salvador

9.     9.  Fiji

10.  10.  Lithuania

A good variety of countries were drawn and dotted around the globe. Two European, Gibraltar and Lithuania, one African, Namibia, three Asian, Cambodia, The Maldives and North Korea, one South American, Bolivia, one Central America, El Salvador and one Oceanian in the shape of Fiji.

I then found a random number generator to determine which country I would start the game in. This came out as number four which meant the game started in the Maldive Islands in July 2020 (There’s worse places in the world to start and it could have been North Korea at the end of the day!)

Managerial Ability and Reputation

In order to maximise the amount of clubs available to possibly join I decided that I would put myself somewhere around the middle in terms of coaching badges and reputation. Now admittedly none of the ten nations selected are hardly powerhouses of world football and to my knowledge only two out the ten, Bolivia and North Korea have ever qualified for The World Cup. I started the game with a National A License coaching badge and a Regional Professional Footballer reputation. My managerial stats are as below which gives me something to work with at least on the training field wherever I end up.

Job Centre and Applying for Jobs

I went into the Job Centre and filtered on each individual nation, starting with 1- Hong Kong. Unfortunately there were no jobs available in Hong Kong, probably because it is a default nation on the game and there are only eight teams in the league.

   The rules were that I could apply to two clubs per country. To determine which clubs I applied for I found a random letter generator on the Internet. From here I chose a random letter which the clubs I applied to must begin with. If there was more than two clubs which began with the same letter I would draw a second letter which the club’s name must also contain.

If there was only one club which started with the chosen letter then I simply drew another letter for the club’s name to begin with, which is why some countries have two letters in the list below.

The second country was Namibia. The letter drawn was C. I applied to two clubs called Chief Santos and Citizens. I repeated this process for the other 8 nations as below.

North Korea – RY – Ryongaksan & Ryongnongen

Maldives – T&G – TC Sports & Gaamagu

Gibraltar (No available teams)

Cambodia – E & R – Electricitie Du Cambodge & Rithy Sen

Bolivia – V – Vasa Diez & Virgen De Chijipata

El Salvador – J & I – Juaye & Ilopaneco

Fiji – R & S – Rewa & Suva FC

Lithuania – J & N – Juventa 91 & Neptunas

The Job Centre for El Salvador below.


 I then attended each of the 20 job interviews that I was offered from the applied jobs. Only two, TC Sports of the Maldives and Ryongaksam of North Korea did not offer me the job and employed somebody else. All the other clubs I applied to offered me the job. To decide which team I would start the game in, I loaded the first letter of each club who had offered me a job.

 The wheel drew the letter E, which meant the club I would be starting the game with was Electricitie Du Cambodge of Cambodia… 

Therefore through the turn of a random country generator and the spin of a letter wheel my footballing journey starts in the South East Asian Kingdom of Cambodia at a club called Electricitie Du Cambodge, also known as EDC!

In Part 3- I start my world footballing journey with a struggling Cambodian C-League outfit, Electricitie du Cambodge in the middle of the league season. I have bought my apartment in Phnom Penh, but know not one word of Khmer. How will I get on?

Click Here for Part 3- Starting Out with EDC


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