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7. Squeaky Bum Time

Squeaky Bum Time  After Sok and Phanny lit up the C-League against Kirivong it extended our lead to 6 points over Solito Angkhor, who narrowly lost 1-0 against National Defence. Therefore, as long as we can pick up points in the next few games and hope our relegation rivals can drop points we should be OK. This starts with a tricky game against the league leaders, Nagaworld. Board Confidence Somehow my work with EDC in the Cambodian C-League has been noticed thousands of miles away in Bolivia, where my name has been linked with Premier League outfit, ‘The Strongest.’ I strongly denied the rumours as to be honest I have only just started with EDC and want to take them as far as I can. T he pundits seem to think I lack the pedigree to keep them up this season. We’ll see about that Cambodian Gary Neville! To sum up, the board like my attacking style of play with two wingers, Veasna and Suray, but are worried about the amount of goals we are conceding. The board and fans are both looking

6. Phanny's Keeping The Lights On

  Phanny Y Rotha is already a legend. I've never asked him what the 'Y' stand s for, but in the last match it stood for 'You Beauty!; Brought on for only his second appearance in Rudd's regime, he scored what could turn out to be the most important goal of our season. Dara and Chetra deserve some credit for setting up the goal, but Rotha's timing on the run to the far post and his cool finish, squeezing the ball through the eye of the needle between goalkeeper and the upright is the moment of the season so far. Had he missed Solitio Angkhor would have been just one point behind us and with some tricky fixtures coming up against the top teams in the C-League it could have got rather messy. Anyway with Rotha's timely intervention we are four points clear of trouble, but given the undoubted ability of our relegation rivals I would not put it past them to go on a decent run themselves. Therefore it is important we keep picking up points and hope they lose or dra

5. A Relegation 6-Pointer

  A Relegation 6-Pointer A mixed bag of results has seen us lose two draw one and win one game during my 4-game tenure so far. On our day I believe we can compete with anyone, but there are weaknesses in the team especially in defence. As the next transfer window is not until the end of the season, I have only free agents to sign, of which in a small nation like Cambodia are few and far between. In fact my first player search resulted in no players in any position being available. For now I will have to work with what I have. Our next match is a real six-pointer, against the team directly below us, Soltilo Angkhor. While the North Koreans were running rampant to steal the match from us against Vishaka, our relegation rivals recorded a comfortable 5-2 win over bottom of the table side, Kampong Cham, reducing the deficit between the sides to four points. Therefore a win for them in our forthcoming fixture would cut that to just one point. Then anything could happen...  Match 5- Soltilo A

4. Trying to find a spark

  The next three matches As I drove into training the day after the Bati Youth defeat I passed a local high school. As the teenagers crossed the road and hung around the school gates, the nightmare of my opening defeat came flooding back, as their youthful striker, Oudoum wheeled away in jubilation at scoring the winner, accompanied by whoops of delight and that sort of immature celebration that only 16/17 year olds do on a football field. (If you watch any U19s or U17s football you'll probably know what I mean.  So, to the next game, a team against men, one of the biggest teams in Cambodia and as they are also based in the capital, a local derby, Phnom Penh Crown Game 2- EDC v Phnom Penh Crown (H)  02/08/20 Pre Match Thoughts After the defeat against Bati Youth I cannot take this league lightly. Although we were very unlucky to lose, the FM gods were not on my side, even on my debut game. Crown sit 5 th in the table and look as though they can play. They have a decent South Afr

3. The Ultimate World Football Manager Game- Starting out at EDC

  About EDC EDC are the Cambodian Electricity Company’s football team, or I suppose the country’s equivalent of the National Grid. They are based in Phnom Penh the capital and play at a ground called Prey Veng. EDC were only formed in 2015 are semi-professional. They play in the C-League, the top flight of the Cambodian domestic league.   Thanks to @Timo I have the C-League, along with the Cambodian Second League, which is split into three groups A-C and each contain fourteen teams, with the top team from each group gaining promotion to the C-League. The Cambodian season runs from March to October, which means as I am starting the game in July 2020, I take over EDC halfway through the season. After 14 games we lie in 10 th place, but a reasonably comfortable 7 points above relegation. My remit from the board is for me to keep EDC in the C-League this year. This would not normally be a problem if this was say in The Conference North, where I know the teams and league inside out, but

2. The Ultimate World Football Manager Game - The Set Up Part 2

        Choosing The Nation & Choosing The Team          To choose the ten random countries I opened my web browser and went to the site Random Country - Explore the World which is as the name suggests an online random country generator. This website is a beast and in the run up to Boxing Day had been testing this site to make sure that all countries in the world had an equal chance of being selected. I wasn’t disappointed as places that were not even recognised countries came up such as Guernsey and Northern Cyprus. The site even showed you where it was in the world and a little bit of information about it. I guess this site is perhaps used by travellers who cannot decide where to go on their next exciting expedition. I also think this site must not have been used much recently as travelling had just about come to a standstill in 2020. I was to generate ten random countries by pressing the ‘next random country’ button on the site. It’s dead simple, have