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23. End of Season 2 Round Up

  A couple of days after our stunning but ultimately futile 7-2 victory over Phnom Penh Crown I arrived at the training ground to tie up some loose ends with the players for the season, following a light session to keep them going and a fun kick around.  As I pulled into the car park at Prey Veng I looked over to the training field and noticed a bunch of kids having a game of football. I did not recognise them as my Under 21 squad, or my reserves. There seemed to also be a coach with them, who was joining in the game. Puzzled I parked up and approached them. "Who are these kids, they can't just come in here and start playing football, we have a first team training session today!" The game stopped and the adult walked over and smiled, clutching a football. "Morning boss, lovely day!" he smiled. "And who on earth are you?" I enquired. "Mr Rudd, my name is Chan Vannak. I'm your Head of Youth Development." By this time the kids were sitting o

22. Mixing Sport with Politics - The Hun Sen Cup Final

                                  Prime Minister of  Cambodia Hun Sen Picture Credit: Roman Kubansky wikipedia There is an old saying, 'Never mix sport and politics.' It seems though this saying never crossed the Gulf of Thailand into Cambodia, as their principle cup competition is named after their Prime Minister, Hun Sen. This guy has been in office since 1985 and is one of the longest serving leaders in the world. Naming your major cup competition after your Prime Minister got me thinking, what if they did this back in England? Currently the FA cup would be known as The Boris Johnson Cup and I can imagine that Liverpool and Everton fans would be horrified at the thoughts of their teams winning the Margaret Thatcher Cup back in the 1980s. Anyway Hun Sen apparently will be there at the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium to present the trophy to the winners, either us or Nagaworld. Match 30: Hun Sen Cup Final EDC v Nagaworld 18/10/21 Here we go! After Nagaworld all but ended our titl

21. Seeking Divine Intervention

                                Picture Credit: Photo Dharma wikipedia creative commons                        The C-League Table with 2/3 Games to go The Run In We have the hardest last two games of the league season, with trips to rivals, Nagaworld and Phnom Penh Crown, who are in 5 th  and certainly no pushovers. Therefore we must beat Nagaworld as they have relegated Kirivong at home on the last game, which as we found won’t be a gimme, but someone they should beat. Boeung Ket also face the bottom side and the unpredictable National Defence. It seems as if Kirivong will also have a big say in the destination of the C-League title. EDC 16 th  October: Nagaworld (a) 18th October Nagaworld (a) (Prime Minister's Cup Final) 31 st  October: Phnom Penh Crown (a) Beoung Ket 23 rd  October: Kirivong (a) 31 st  October: National Defence (a)  National Police 23 rd  October: National Defence (a) 31 st  October: Angkor Tiger (a) Nagaworld 16th October: EDC (h) 18th October EDC (h) Prime Min