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26. Start of Season 3

The long road to March 2022 has finally been reached, the signings made, the contracts signed and thankfully the cleaning lady has decided to stay at EDC, despite offers from Nagaworld, Vishaka and Angkor Tiger.. I think I have a squad now which can successfully challenge for the title and make waves in the C-League after our near miss last season.  A New Defender  A late signing was Pin Saren from Second Division outfit, CMAC United, who has hopefully completed the defensive jigsaw for the new season. One of the core reasons we failed to hold onto top spot was that the cover for our main two DC's, Daravon and Khemarin were inadequate and found wanting against good strikers. Hopefully Pin Saren will be able to hold our defence together. Season 3 Match 1 Vishaka v EDC 19/03/22 Our traditional season opener is a trip to Vishaka. They are not the same Vishaka though as we have faced in previous years because most of their foreign stars, including the five North Koreans have left the

25. The Vultures Are Circling....

  It was late at night on the eve of the pre-season transfer window and I was sat in my office, staring at the telephone. I was preparing myself for a busy month ahead, not just making plans for a full on assault on the C-League and Hun Sen Cup, but also wondering how many of my current squad would be wearing an EDC shirt for the big kick off in March, which was three months away.  Starting from tomorrow the transfer window would creak open once more and the vultures will be circling over Prey Veng, ready to swoop for Veasna, Chanraksmey, Ratana, Udom, the other Udom, Etim, Sung Rot, the kit man, the cleaning lady and god knows who else. I had to depend purely upon the loyalty of these players and the happy atmosphere in the dressing room to see me through. The 'Gang of Six's,' intervention in the scouting meeting had given me hope that these two factors would play a huge part in the majority of my squad wearing an EDC shirt next season. They were not only my best players,

24. The Gang of Six

  Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. There has been a ticking timebomb all season at Prey Veng and as we approach the end of November 2021 that noise is growing louder. Six of my best players have part time contracts which run out at the end of the month, meaning they would be free to leave the club for nothing and horror of horrors join our rival clubs, such as Nagaworld and Beoung Ket.  The 'Gang of 6 are: Sok Chanraksmey Suon Veasna Tum Saray Maul Daravon Kong Rafat Phanny Y Rotha At various times in the season I have tried to sit these guys down and thrash out a new deal, but each time I have been turned down.  'It's not that they don't want to sign.. it's just that we think we could get a better offer elsewhere.." was the general response from their agents. They were hedging their bets. I sent my Director of Football, Khim Ravy to try and talk to them, but he was met with the same response. Even our Chairman, Hem Vutha offered to help, but the ag