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20. I'd Love It If We Beat Them, Love It!!

"If EDC win the C-League it would be the biggest footballing shock since Leicester City won the 2015/16 Premier League season in Rudd's home country of England and there are certain elements in the C-League who would want a similar thing to happen here in Cambodia, to put it on the footballing map. It is obvious to me and to other managers in the league that some teams are not trying hard enough to beat them in order to make this dream a reality." - Sam Chanvirak - Nagaworld Manager My season so far with EDC has been in some ways amazing and in some ways frustrating that a slight run of bad league form has enabled the chasing pack to catch up with us. We do have a game in hand on those against bottom of the table Kirivong, who have been useless all season and have just sacked their manager. While there is sure to be high drama on the pitch, the off the field battle has also commenced. Printed in the Phnom Penh Gazette was an article by Nagaworld manager, Sam Chanvirak. I

19. From a 1 horse race to a 5 horse race

             Picture Credit: Noah Saltzman wikipedia creative commons Currently EDC are together in electric dreams, over halfway through the season, eight points clear and favourites one would think to easily do the unthinkable and win the Cambodian C-League at a canter. Football though is a cruel game and Football Manager can be even crueller when the inner gods which lurk inside the game suddenly turn against you... Add to that complacency and tiredness and suddenly what seemed so simple can become very difficult indeed...  Match 21: EDC v National Defence – Prime Minister’s Cup Quarter Final Pre-Match Thoughts After a great run in the league we now turn our attentions to The Prime Minister’s Cup Quarter final against National Defence. I really wanted a good cup run this season and thought at the start this would be our best chance of silverware because there was no way we could win the league. As things have turned out there is a chance we could do a league and cup double, whic

18. High Voltage Football

My little fancied team. Electriciti√© Du Cambodge have lit up the C-League with some impressive results and performances, as we find ourselves five points clear at the top of the C-League, halfway through the season. Can we continue our amazing start to the season, starting with a home game against familiar foes, Vishaka? Suon Makara Announces Retirement I start with some sad news. My versatile D/MC, Suon Makara has announced he will not be renewing his contract and will seek to wind down his career. Makara put in some steady performances during our survival season last year, but has been on the fringes this term, apart from a few appearances in the Prime Minister’s Cup. We wish him all the best in his future career. His professionalism in the squad will be missed. Match 17 EDC v Vishaka 04/07/21 Vishaka are familiar foes and yes the North Koreans are still going strong. They lie in 7 th place, but this belies their ability. Mihalevic is still up front and we will have to watch he

17. Could we do a Leicester?

 Picture Credit: Peter Woodentop wikipedia creative commons EDC, after 9 league games are surprisingly top of the C-League on goal difference after an excellent start to the season. While this is an unexpected turn of events, as I only really had ambitions of a top half finish in the table and hopefully a good cup run, perhaps this team is better than I imagined. After my intervention with the unregistered players I do now feel at least I am playing against the best players in the respective teams and most of them have been well contested matches. Match 12 – National Defence v  EDC 29/05/21 We travel to the army team, The National Defence top of the league on goal difference, so I am confident of a good result and performance, against a team who sit in 11 th . I’m going with a traditional 4-4-2 with Sok and Udom up front. Channerourn comes back at right back. New signing Rottanak starts on the bench. Team: 4-4-2: Channou, Chanroeun, Daravon, Khemarin, Ratana, Raksa, Sung Rot, Veasna, F

16. It's A Steal!

  We've had a good start to the season and currently lie in 2nd place in the C-League, with only one team above us, everybody's favourite team and next opponents, The National Police. I do wonder in any country which has a police force football team who actually supports them? It's not exactly cool for people to be cheering the police on for anything. You couldn't imagine a crowd of normal fans shouting, 'Come on National Police! Yeeeaaahhh!!' Maybe criminals do to try and hide their crimes or to avoid a speeding fine. Who knows? The nearest we have in England to this are the Met Police who play in the non-leagues and have made the odd appearance in the FA Cup First Round. In this part of the world football teams have developed through institutions rather than through towns and cities like in Europe for example, which means we have in Asia, leagues full of army teams, police forces and indeed the National Grid as EDC are. In fact in nearby Laos there is also an